Routing systems for infrastructure applications

Shopping centres, train stations, airports: safety in the case of fire is of the utmost priority anywhere where people gather. Emergency lighting, lifts, smoke extraction systems and much more must remain functional over a sufficient period of time in order to save people’s lives. The NIEDAX GROUP has been offering fully developed systems which ensure that function is maintained in the case of fire for a long time now. Our “KFO” routing system with integrated function preservation according to the DIN 4102-T12 standards for wall and ceiling fittings represents another significant step forward, as additional threaded rods are no longer necessary. For you, this means less material and quicker Fitting.

Selected projects

Bavaria Yachtbau Giebelstadt

BAVARIA-Yachtbau has a 200.000 square meters large shipyard with 70.000 square meters of manufacturing space including lamination halls, a carpenter’s workshop, workshops and five assembly lines. 

The NIEDAX Group was basically participating in building of a new hall with a scope of supply of approximately 15.000 meter wire mesh tray, 10.000 pieces of spice plates and 10.000 meter wall fixing plates.

Vienna West Station

As one of the busiest station of the Austrian Federal railway, the Vienna West station shines bright again after 3 years of reconstruction works since 23rd November 2011. After completion of the reconstruction measures, NIEDAX GROUP delivered approximately 13.400 m cable trays, 11.000 brackets as well as approx. 7.600 u-clamps to Vienna.

Düsseldorf Airport

The expertise which the NIEDAX GROUP has acquired over many years in the area of preservation of the function of cables, wiring and routing systems was required after the serious fire catastrophe at Düsseldorf Airport. Today, 1,000m of cable trays ensure a functional electricity supply which will remain intact for a long time even in an emergency and therefore meet the most demanding of requirements in terms of fire protection.

Cologne/Bonn airport

Cologne/Bonn airport unites two terminals, 53 shops, bars and restaurants, 3 multi-storey car parks, an underground station and much more. A smooth flow of electricity and data must be ensured in this extremely complex infrastructure - even under the highest loads. In addition, large distances need to be bridged. the NIEDAX GROUP installed, among other things, the enormous figure of 37,500 m - so almost 40 kilometres - of cable trays and wide-span technology.

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