Innovative industrial solutions

Well-known industrial companies, both at home and abroad, count on the electrical installation products from the NIEDAX GROUP. We supply to the entire spectrum of industrial production companies and have a substantial number of satisfied customers whose important locations have been equipped with cable laying Systems.

Selected projects

Audi factory Neckarsulm

In 2016 the NIEDAX GROUP supplied cable support systems for the production line of the Audi A6 model series at the second German production site of Audi AG in Neckarsulm in the areas of body construction and materials handling. Approx. 21,600 m of walkable cable tray System were provided.
The project required the innovative products of the BKS system, such as the patented anti-slip steel checker plate cover with ist considerable assembly advantage, as well as the end covers which serve accident prevention.

BMW factory Leipzig

The foundation for building of the construction for the BMW factory Leipzig took place at 7th Mai 2002. After 3 years of construction phase one of the latest and most sustainable car manufacturing plants of the world has been created. Since March 2005, up to 740 vehicles per day have been delivered for international customers. The NIEDAX GROUP delivered for the project BMW factory Leipzig approx. 44.000 m long span tray system, 9.500 m vertical cable ladders as well as 6.000 kg special constructions.

Binder Steinheim

In order to increase the production capacity the company group Binder in Steinheim (system supplier for high quality aluminium-attachment parts in the premium segment) has decided to extend their manufacturing area. The NIEDAX GROUP delivered in 2013 an elaborated cable support system which now is suspended above the production in factory 13. The scope of delivery consisted of approximately 660 meter long span cable trays, 192 rope suspensions as well as several extension horizontal tees.

ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein

ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein is Germany’s only tinplate manufacturer. The NIEDAX GROUP installed 1,000m of cable ladder for a complex system of countless cables of all different types, including unusually large and heavy cables, at the production location in Andernach am Rhein, the world’s largest of its kind for packaging steel. Our knowledge of demanding routing paths and systems which have to withstand extreme loads was
particularly useful here.

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