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STEP data

STEP files ("Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data") is an international standard that enables the exchange of 3D graphics between different CAD systems.

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BIM data

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and describes a planning tool and control concept involving the entire life cycle of a building. Thanks to BIM, 3D-models can be created and construction plans can be read easily with the help of virtual simulations. Especially in project business, BIM became indispensable. Right from the first project phase, owners, architects and construction engineers have to agree on the level of detail as well as design-related standards. All relevant building data as well as all parts necessary for construction have to be digitally recorded, combined and networked optimally. In the near future, all buildings will be planned and constructed by means of this design model regardless of whether dealing with public buildings, infrastructure or gas&oil projects.

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