A global partnership

We work in close, equal and strong partnership with our customers. We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term customer relations, and believe that they have been key to the continuing success of the NIEDAX GROUP since its establishment in 1920. Our partnership philosophy is reflected in our many long-standing relationships with customers and our high number of long-serving staff. The timely delivery of high-quality products, logistical and operational process coordination, and the joint development of new projects all contribute to the ongoing development of this partnership.

We are there for our customers as a global systems specialist, and customer satisfaction is our overriding priority.

Expect the best and you won't be disappointed.

A solution to every problem

We are a systems supplier with an extensive portfolio of over 50,000 products produced in facilities with a capacity of 340,000m². We provide leading technology at competitive prices. Our customers operate in highly specialised fields – which is why you can also request customised solutions for your business. For us, therefore, customer service is not simply advice and delivery. It is also close and constructive partnership as we work with you to find the best possible solution. The customer, and the customer's needs and specifications, are our focus and priority. Our highly qualified specialists are there to provide advice, support and practical assistance.

We can find the right solution for you.

Local benefits

Closeness to our customers and partners is part of the NIEDAX GROUP's success strategy. We are a global player at home on all key markets of the world. With 35 Group branches and subsidiaries, 80 sales partners around the world, over 2350 employees and 19 production sites, we operate on all seven continents. We continue to invest in new branches, subsidiaries and production sites and extend our global network of sales partners, and make sure to have a branch or partner near you. We believe that closeness and availability are the key to customer focus in practice; the foundation for close, constructive and long-term partnerships and high customer satisfaction.

Simply contact us for product help or professional support – wherever you are. Our expert staff will answer all your questions on product and system solutions on the ground, working together with specialists from our core business areas such as electrical wholesale, transport, steelworks, airports, oil & gas, drinks, tunnel construction, power plants, the automotive industry and sports arenas – professionals who know your sector and speak your language.

We look forward to talking to you.

You need help? We'll be glad to help.

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